The aim of this publication is to present a place with many advantages and great potential. We present historic manor and park in Konarzewo. Step by step you will know the fascinating story closely related to Otto von Bismarck and House of Bismarck. Between 1726 and 1945, the property continuously belonged to Prussian family von Bismarck

Politician Otto von Bismarck Prussian Prime Minister, the architect of German unification and the first Chancellor of the Reich, spent his childhood in Konarzewo. As a young man, he administered the property between 1839 and 1846. He was the owner of Konarzewo between 1845 and 1868. He met here his future wife, Joanna von Puttkamer. He grew up here, and decided to take up political career. Also here, he met people, who made this career much easier. He set off from here, to finally enter the history of the 19th century Germany and Europe.

This page shows location and size of offered property, presents palace, as well as park in its current state. It informs about the place's history and its connections with Otto von Bismarck.

People, companies or institutions interested in the offer, are welcome to contact us. This page is not an offer, and does not contain any bid information.

Dwór i park w Konarzewie