Animation presents location and borders of the property.

granice nieruchomości

Total area: 13,7073 ha

Area around the building: 1,9649 ha
B-RIVb 0,8330 ha built up arable land
N 1,1319 ha wasteland
Park area: 11,7424 ha
LsIII 7,4469 ha forests
LzIV 1,3820 ha wooded land and scrublands
LsIV 0,7456 ha forests
ŁVI 0,8155 ha meadow
ŁIV 0,4911 ha meadow
LzIII 0,3605 ha wooded land and scrublands
PsV 0,0456 ha pasture
dr 0,1405 ha road
W 0,3157 ha ditches

Made according to description of pro­per­ty Konarzewo KERG 959/96 plot 3/19, as at 3rd June 1997